What should I do first after a motorcycle accident? 

After you have reported the accident and received treatment for your injuries, you should explore your legal options so that you can obtain rightful compensation. Even if you don’t think that you have a strong claim, you should consult with a lawyer so that you can understand your situation completely. They can explain your legal rights, options, and next steps that you can take. Before you decide that you do not want to file a claim, you should at least find out how a lawyer can help you and what they have to offer.  

What are common motorcycle accident injuries? 

Motorcycle riders are much more vulnerable to injury because of the lack of protection a motorcycle offers. Common injuries they often receive include head injuries, leg injuries, internal bleeding, and road rash. These are all injuries that require immediate medical attention, and often months of recovery and rehabilitation. In severe cases, motorcycle accident victims are unable to live life normally and require lifelong medical care. 

What should I do if the insurance company contacts me following the accident?

When you report the accident to the insurance company, be wary of any offer that they give you. Insurance companies are not incentivized to act in your best interest because they want to preserve their profits. They will likely offer you a lower settlement amount than what you are fully entitled to. Do not accept any offer until you have spoken with a lawyer. They will negotiate on your behalf if necessary so that you are given a fair offer. 

Is it worth hiring a lawyer? 

Many people who get into motorcycle accidents wonder if it is even worth hiring a lawyer. Some people want to just handle the claim on their own without the help and guidance of a legal professional. There are many drawbacks to trying to handle a case without a lawyer’s counsel. You are likely to get a lower compensation amount, you could make mistakes that can result in your claim getting rejected, and you may not get the results you want. It is worth getting a lawyer that you can trust to handle your case efficiently and skillfully, and you can have a much higher chance at getting an ideal case outcome.

Let a motorcycle accident lawyer provide you with personalized legal support to help you obtain the compensation that you deserve after going through a serious accident. Schedule a consultation now if you would like to learn what legal services a Memphis, TN-based motorcycle accident lawyer can offer you. 

As a trusted and qualified Memphis motorcycle accident lawyer like one at Patterson Bray PLLC knows, people who ride motorcycles are at much higher risk of becoming injured in an accident on major roads and streets. With no barriers to protect them, they are more prone to suffering a horrific injury. If you have been injured in an accident and would like to learn how you can recover compensation, you likely have many questions to ask a lawyer. 

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