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Workers’ compensation is the system that is in place to protect all employees across the United States. No matter how dangerous your work may or may not be, you are covered for any injuries that are the result of doing your job. Many people worry about qualifying for workers’ comp, however. It is true that there are some requirements that must be met. Do you know how much work you have to miss due to your injury to qualify?

Missing Work

You may be surprised to learn that there are no limitations for how much work you miss to qualify for workers’ comp. Even if you go to the hospital and immediately return to work the same day, you can still file a workers’ comp claim and be compensated for your medical bills.

Of course, if you do miss several days, weeks, or months of work, you will be compensated for your lost wages in addition to any medical bills and injury-related expenses.

The Qualifications

If the length of time you miss work does not factor into the qualifications for workers’ comp, you may be left wondering what the qualifications really are. To be as beneficial to workers as possible, the qualifications are actually incredibly simple:

  • The injury must have happened while working – Whatever you were doing when you were injured, you need to have been paid to do it. This means you are not covered if the injury happened while on break, after you clock out, or before you clock in, even if the injury took place in your workplace. This also means unpaid volunteers are not covered by workers’ comp.
  • The injury must be due to work-related activities – Even if you were on the clock, the injury must be the direct result of work-related activities. Negligent or irresponsible behavior does not affect this at all. This means your workers’ comp is not invalidated for using a machine incorrectly or skipping safety precautions. It is invalidated, however, if you were goofing off and doing something completely unrelated to your job.

Those two conditions are the only things that matter when it comes to qualifying for workers’ comp. Many people are surprised to learn just how simple the matter is. Keep in mind, however, that there needs to be proof that these conditions are met. If you are ever worried about not receiving the workers’ comp you are owed, you should immediately speak with a workers’ compensation attorney to learn what your options are.

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