Determining Causation and Fault In A Motorcycle Accident

It is rarely easy to determine exactly what caused an accident in its immediate aftermath. Instead, investigators work to reconstruct the moments leading up to the crash and the moment of impact in order to determine both causation and fault. Only when you know what caused your accident can you determine who or what may be “at fault” (in a legal sense) for the harm you have suffered.

Our firm has extensive experience representing the interests of injured motorcycle riders. After we understand the nuanced circumstances surrounding your crash, we can offer you objective legal guidance concerning both your rights under the law and any and all opportunities for compensation that may be available to you at this time. Then, you can make whatever informed decision concerning your options is right for you and your loved ones.

If you have been recently injured in a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to significant compensation as a result of your injuries. Many accident victims are unaware of the fact that, even if a collision is determined to be partially their fault, they may be in a strong position to file a personal injury lawsuit. Working with an experienced Memphis, TN motorcycle accident lawyer at Patterson Bray PLLC will help you to definitively determine whether filing a personal injury claim is in your best interests at this time.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – Memphis, TN

It is rare that motorcycle accidents are solely the fault of the injured biker in question. Far more often, fellow motorists, government agencies in charge of road maintenance, and/or manufacturers of auto and motorcycle parts are partly or totally to blame when motorcycle riders crash. If it is possible that another’s actions or inactions directly contributed to the cause(s) of your crash, it is worth your time and energy to explore your legal options.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have not yet scheduled a risk-free consultation with our dedicated legal team, please do so today. Both the short-term and long-term consequences of motorcycle accidents cannot be overstated. Therefore, it is critically important that you work with an attorney committed to securing you any and all compensation that you may be entitled to under the circumstances. You have been through enough. You don’t need the financial consequences of medical bills and lost wages decimating your family’s budget on top of everything else.

If it is at all possible that your motorcycle accident was not entirely your fault, taking an hour or two to explore your rights and legal options is time that will be well spent. Even if it turns out that you do not have grounds upon which to file a civil claim, you will not be left wondering “What if?” as time goes by. Connect with the experienced Tennessee legal team at Patterson Bray PLLC today to clarify your legal situation and to learn more about our approach to representation; we look forward to speaking with you.

What should I do first after a motorcycle accident? 

After you have reported the accident and received treatment for your injuries, you should explore your legal options so that you can obtain rightful compensation. Even if you don’t think that you have a strong claim, you should consult with a lawyer so that you can understand your situation completely. They can explain your legal rights, options, and next steps that you can take. Before you decide that you do not want to file a claim, you should at least find out how a lawyer can help you and what they have to offer.  

What are common motorcycle accident injuries? 

Motorcycle riders are much more vulnerable to injury because of the lack of protection a motorcycle offers. Common injuries they often receive include head injuries, leg injuries, internal bleeding, and road rash. These are all injuries that require immediate medical attention, and often months of recovery and rehabilitation. In severe cases, motorcycle accident victims are unable to live life normally and require lifelong medical care. 

What should I do if the insurance company contacts me following the accident?

When you report the accident to the insurance company, be wary of any offer that they give you. Insurance companies are not incentivized to act in your best interest because they want to preserve their profits. They will likely offer you a lower settlement amount than what you are fully entitled to. Do not accept any offer until you have spoken with a lawyer. They will negotiate on your behalf if necessary so that you are given a fair offer. 

Is it worth hiring a lawyer? 

Many people who get into motorcycle accidents wonder if it is even worth hiring a lawyer. Some people want to just handle the claim on their own without the help and guidance of a legal professional. There are many drawbacks to trying to handle a case without a lawyer’s counsel. You are likely to get a lower compensation amount, you could make mistakes that can result in your claim getting rejected, and you may not get the results you want. It is worth getting a lawyer that you can trust to handle your case efficiently and skillfully, and you can have a much higher chance at getting an ideal case outcome.

Let a motorcycle accident lawyer provide you with personalized legal support to help you obtain the compensation that you deserve after going through a serious accident. Schedule a consultation now if you would like to learn what legal services a Memphis, TN-based motorcycle accident lawyer can offer you. 

As a trusted and qualified Memphis motorcycle accident lawyer like one at Patterson Bray PLLC knows, people who ride motorcycles are at much higher risk of becoming injured in an accident on major roads and streets. With no barriers to protect them, they are more prone to suffering a horrific injury. If you have been injured in an accident and would like to learn how you can recover compensation, you likely have many questions to ask a lawyer. 

Injuries In Car Accidents

Being in a car accident is serious and is so much more than just an inconvenience. People can get seriously hurt and may even lose their lives because of being part of a car accident. Vehicle collisions can happen almost anywhere and can involve various types of motor vehicles, such as trucks, passenger cars, motorcycles, and more. The injuries sustained during a car accident can range from minor to more severe injury that requires immediate medical attention. If you were just in a car accident and sustained an injury, then you need to get yourself to the nearest hospital for treatment. By hesitating in getting medical care, it not only affects your ability to recover quickly, but it can hinder your odds at receiving fair compensation. 

Concussion and Brain Injury

When a car accident happens, there is a rapid and sudden force being applied to the body. From that, a person may suffer a concussion or other head related injury. These injuries are sustained often due to a rapid forward and backward jerking motion of the neck, hitting the steering wheel or window, or otherwise being hit in the head by an object or the interior of the car. Symptoms of concussions and brain injuries can include nausea, vomiting, personality or mood changes, loss of consciousness, confusion, and more. Due to how severe a head injury can be, medical attention should not be delayed. 

Broken Bones, Wounds, and Burns

A person who was involved in an accident may sustain a broken bone due to the force of impact. Broken bones usually require medical intervention, surgery, a cast, pain medication, and a prolonged recovery period. Wounds can develop from shattered glass shards, being ejected from the vehicle and hitting the pavement, or burns due to contact with hot surfaces or fires. Someone with serious burns may also have to deal with scarring and disfigurement for the rest of their lives.

Mental Anguish and Fears

Anyone who has been in a car accident can probably attest to the fact that they are awful experiences to go through. In fact, car accidents cause major inconveniences to a person’s life, and can even cause them to suffer financially. Mental anguish and newly-developed fears surrounding driving or getting into a car again is normal for victims. Someone may need to see a therapist and receive mental health support in order to overcome the difficult emotions they are experiencing because of the accident. 

When consulting with your lawyer, like a car accident attorney residents trust from Glotzer & Leib, LLP, be forthcoming about both your physical and mental struggles that you have encountered due to the accident. Your lawyer will use this information to calculate a monetary award for how much you should receive in your car accident case. The at-fault driver may owe you restitution for your physical injury, mental health, pain and suffering, property damage, and other ways you have suffered. 


Services A Personal Injury Attorney Will Provide

Personal Injury Attorney

When we think about hiring a personal injury attorney we generally think about hiring them to help negotiate a settlement with the insurance company. Admittedly, that service is the most important service that a personal injury attorney can provide. Insurance companies have trained and experienced adjusters who know how to get the lowest settlement possible. A personal injury attorney helps level the playing field and studies show that they increase the size of settlements substantially. Most personal injury attorneys provide other services that many clients find extremely helpful. As explained by a knowledgeable personal injury attorney from Abbott Law Firm, here are some examples:

  • A personal injury attorney can help and advise in getting the best settlement for vehicle repair or replacement. While the dollar amount may pale in comparison to the dollars a client will receive for personal injuries, being without a car after a crash can disrupt a person’s life. It can be difficult to get to work, get to doctor appointments and take care of the tasks that we all must do on a daily basis to survive. Getting a car repaired or replaced quickly brings peace of mind and can help a person get back on their feet more quickly.
  • A personal injury attorney can help a client find the right doctor. It might seem easy to find the right doctor but that isn’t always the case. An experienced personal injury attorney is familiar with the doctors in the area and knows which doctors treat injuries such as necks, backs, legs, arms, concussions and others. Getting to the right doctor quickly speeds up recovery and saves money. An experienced personal injury attorney also knows which doctors create good notes that will stand up to insurance company scrutiny, increasing the ultimate settlement.
  • A personal injury attorney can help by handling communications with the insurance companies. Insurance companies typically want to take recorded statements, want forms filled out, etc. A personal injury attorney can take over some of these tasks completely and if that isn’t possible they can assist the client in working through these communications. This can help the client by alleviating stress and letting the client focus on what matters most, getting the right medical treatment and recovering as quickly as possible.

Of course, there are other services that a personal injury attorney can and will provide. At the end of the day, a personal injury attorney’s job is to get the highest and best settlement possible for the client. On that journey, a good personal injury attorney can be an important asset to a client during a very difficult time.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of an injury caused by someone else’s negligence, contact a personal injury attorney to find out how they can help.

Should You Settle Or Go To Trial? 

When preparing to file a personal injury claim, you might wonder if you should settle your claim or move forward with going to trial. It is difficult to know which steps to take, which is why it is vital that you work with a lawyer throughout this process to help you every step of the way. In some instances, it may be more obvious that you should settle your case as opposed to moving forward with a trial. For example, if the insurance company you are working with is offering you a fair settlement and you and your lawyer believe that you can use this to pay for damages related to your personal injury accident, then moving forward with a trial may mean that you lose a solid opportunity in front of you. On the other hand, if the insurance company is being unreasonable or insisting that they do not owe you for the accident, your lawyer may encourage you to pursue going to trial. 

What should you look for when deciding to settle? 

When you are considering settling, there are a few things that your lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer from a law firm like Schehr Law, PLLC may want you to think about. Going to trial can be daunting for most people, even with a lawyer who has trial experience. So while you want a lawyer who has litigation experience, you also want someone who is willing to settle if a good offer comes through. You may choose to settle your case if you:

  • Would prefer a quicker, speedier case. 
  • You prefer more control and would like the ability to accept or deny the offers in front of you. 
  • You would rather not have the details of the case aired out to the public. A settlement can offer you more privacy. 
  • You get a reasonable offer. If the insurance company offers you a reasonable settlement, your lawyer will likely encourage you to accept this. 

On the other hand, your lawyer may want you to consider going to trial if: 

  • You are getting a lowball offer. 
  • The insurance company is completely rejecting your claim and blames you for the accident. 
  • You want the person who caused the accident to be held accountable in a more public manner. 
  • You believe you should be getting a much higher settlement than you could possibly get if you did not pursue a trial. 

Trials are typically considered high-risk, high-reward. This means that you are at a greater risk of losing the compensation you are owed if you lose the trial. However, if you win the trial, you have the chance to get more compensation, especially for things like pain and suffering or emotional distress. 

If you are interested in learning more about the pros and cons of a settlement vs. a trial for your personal injury claim, please reach out to your local attorney’s office for more information. 

How to Manage Fear of the Dentist

Personal Injury Lawyers

Visiting the dentist can be a daunting experience for many people — even those with healthy teeth and gums according to a dentist with our friends at TruGlo Modern Dental. For individuals who suffer from dental anxiety or fear, going to the dentist can be an incredibly stressful endeavor and this fear can prevent regular checkups that are essential for good oral health. As a personal injury lawyer knows, going to the dentist on a regular day can induce anxiety, but if you are going after an injury, it can appear extra stressful. Here are some tips on how to manage fear of the dentist so you can take better care of your oral hygiene.

Talk To Your Dentist

The first step towards managing your dental anxiety is talking to your dentist about it. Let them know in advance about any anxieties you might have in order to explain what steps they can take to make your visit more comfortable – such as using numbing agents or allowing a chaperone if necessary. It is also important to tell them about any medical conditions such as fainting spells that could occur during checking/procedures too! They will be able to tailor their approach based on what you’ve told them so don’t feel shy about voicing out any worries at all!

Take Time to Relax

It can help immensely to take time before and after appointments to relax mentally as this will aid in reducing stress levels while also calming down your body in preparation for upcoming procedures if need be. Taking deep breaths before entering the waiting room or getting pampered with things like yoga, music, reading or anything that distracts you daily could help ensure peace of mind when attending appointments.

Bring A Friend

Having someone close by during your appointment can provide immense comfort when feeling anxious. If there’s someone (like a spouse/family member/friend) willing and able to accompany you throughout the entire process of visiting the dentist it may help ease tension felt due to unfamiliarity with unknown environment and uncertainty of upcoming procedures too! Plus, having another person there may make it less intimidating for more vulnerable individuals too which means less chance of being overwhelmed by the overwhelming situation itself!

Distraction Techniques

One way to manage dental anxiety is to use distraction techniques such as listening to music, a podcast, book, etc. through headphones or even visualizing pleasant scenery in order to ‘escape’ from reality momentarily and calm down before proceeding with treatment sessions. Other than that breathing exercises usually work great too; try counting each breath slowly up till ten then start again afterwards — this should help reduce racing thoughts while focusing attention away from actual surroundings instead!

Research The Procedure

Educating yourself on exactly what will happen beforehand is key when trying to cope with fear of going to the dentist; researching online reviews, videos etc… allows one to prepare themselves mentally physically prior visit which means less surprises awaits them once they enter the doors office itself! As well reading up relevant topics such proper brushing techniques further encourages better prevention against future problems occurring too meaning overall long term positive outcome everybody involved!


It’s perfectly normal t experience fear when it comes visiting dentists however small steps taken here goes long way towards coping effectively (and comfortably) going forward – so don’t fret no matter what happens just remember seek assistance early rather than later because doing so sooner rather than later makes huge difference ultimately making journey towards achieving perfect smile much smoother ride for everyone too!

What To Do When You’re Charged With A Crime

Knowing how to handle a situation can help you get through it less stressfully. Being arrested or charged with a crime is going to be stressful, and, unfortunately, there’s no way around that, but if you know what to do to protect your rights, you may get a better outcome. A lawyer who works in the realms of criminal defense law can help you strategize a legal plan to find a good solution for your situation. Here are some things to consider.

When You’re Arrested

You can be arrested and taken into custody without a warrant if law enforcement believes you violated the law. A judge can also issue a warrant for your arrest. You can turn yourself in if you aren’t already in custody when you become aware of the warrant or you can wait for law enforcement to find you and take you into custody. It depends on the charges, but for lesser offenses, you may just be issued a citation to appear in court. If you are arrested, just know that what you say to the officers can be used in a court of law to convict you. You do not have to say anything without a lawyer present to protect your rights. It can be better to wait to say anything until after you’ve spoken to a lawyer. A lawyer understands what statements can be taken out of context and used against someone later in the court or case.

Going Through an Arraignment

The arraignment is the formal hearing in which you’ll be advised about the charges you’re facing. You will also be advised about your rights, such as the right to an attorney, the right to a speedy trial, and the right against self-incrimination. You will also be asked how you plead. This is not the time to tell your side of the story. Generally speaking, you either plead not guilty or guilty. At your arraignment, the judge may place you into custody pending bail. You could be released on your own recognizance. Your lawyer can help you understand the process based on the charges against you and the procedures in the local jurisdiction.

Does Getting a Lawyer Involved Delay Your Case?

If you’re in custody, you may not want to wait to get a lawyer involved in your case. The short time you spend waiting for your lawyer before you get released can be a huge time saver in the long run. Advice from an experienced lawyer can help you get through the system more effectively without incriminating yourself and help set you up for a more positive outcome. You don’t necessarily need a criminal defense lawyer on speed dial, but you should expect to contact one if you are arrested and facing criminal charges. Consider making an appointment to discuss your case today with a criminal defense lawyer in Des Moines, IA from an experienced law firm like the Law Group Of Iowa.

Will A Bond Motion Work For My Case?

Bond motions make the world go around if you’re in jail and cannot get out. A bond motion is that glimmer of hope that really could mean the difference between freedom and continuing to be incarcerated until your case is over. According to our friends at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, Attorneys at Law, a bond motion lawyer will be able to argue the nuances of your case, who you are as a person and a number of other aspects of your case in order to find a way for you to be released.


A bond motion lawyer will understand there are two prongs a judge will look at when it comes to setting a bond. The first is whether or not you’re a danger to the community and the second is whether or not you’re a flight risk.

A danger to the community is typically based on your current pending charges and your prior history. If you have a pending shooting case, they’re typically going to find that you’re a danger to the community and will probably set a higher bond than they would otherwise. If you have an assault on a female, or some other form of assaultive behavior on your record, they again may find you to be a danger to the community.

Whether or not you’re a flight risk looks at whether you have a history of failure to appear. Do you come to court or not? It’s tough, because as a bond motion attorney will tell you, we have no control over this aspect of your past history and all we can do is assure the court that with our involvement we will keep you informed of court dates so that you don’t miss them in the future.


A lot of times our bond motion lawyers are asked the question as to just how low we think we can get your bond and it always depends. Remember, every judge is different and the bond that one judge sets may be night and day from the bond another judge sets. A bond motion lawyer will do their best to put your bond motion in front of the best judge possible, however, always remember, judges change just as courtrooms do. It could be we scheduled you for the best possible judge to hear your case and instead we end up with a judge who has no interest in helping to reduce your bond.


If you or someone you know is in need of a bond motion, we recommend you speak with a top rated bond motion lawyer; their law firm continues to help people with bond motions and bond related issues.

What Is An Estate Planning Lawyer?

An estate planning lawyer in Memphis, TN is a legal professional who helps individuals and families create wills and trusts. They can also help you designate guardians for your children in the event something happens to you. Estate planning lawyers can also advise you on tax implications of your estate plan. If you are interested in creating an estate plan, it is important to consult with Patterson Bray PLLC to ensure that your plan is tailored to meet your specific needs.

Why do I need an estate plan?

You need an estate plan because you want to make sure that your assets are passed on to the people you love after your death in the most efficient way possible. You also want to choose your own personal representative, who is often called an executor. Without an estate plan, you might not be able to choose who will represent you and distribute your assets upon your death.

What does an estate planning lawyer do?

The estate planning lawyer in Memphis, TN plays a key role in this process. An experienced estate planning lawyer can help you navigate complex tax laws and ensure that your wishes are carried out according to your specifications.

What should I bring to my first meeting with an estate planning lawyer?

When meeting with an estate planning lawyer for the first time, you should bring any documentation related to your current financial situation and assets. This includes bank statements, investment statements, and real estate deeds. You should also bring a list of your loved ones and their contact information. If you have any specific questions or concerns, be sure to bring those up as well.

What are some of the most common mistakes people make when creating an estate plan?

One of the most common mistakes people make when creating an estate plan is not taking into account potential tax implications. Another mistake is failing to name a trustee or executor who will be responsible for carrying out your wishes after your death. It is also important to keep your estate plan updated as your life changes, such as if you acquire new assets or children. Estate planning lawyers in Memphis, TN from Patterson Bray PLLC can help you review your plan and make any necessary updates.

If I don’t have an estate plan, what happens to my property after I die?

If you do not have an estate plan in place, your property will be distributed according to state law. This may not be what you want, and it can often lead to lengthy and costly court proceedings. Estate planning is a vital step in ensuring that your wishes are carried out after your death. Contact an estate planning lawyer in Memphis, TN  from Patterson Bray PLLC to get started on creating your estate plan today.

The estate planning process can be a difficult one, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the legal jargon and complex processes often associated with it.

An Estate planning lawyer Memphis, TN from Patterson Bray PLLC can help you with everything from your will and living trust to your living will and health care power of attorney. Understanding more about what an estate planning lawyer does, how much one costs, and how to find an experienced estate planning attorney in Memphis can help you find and choose the best professional for your needs.

Estate Planning Considerations For Parents Of Dependent Children

If you have minor or otherwise dependent children, it is important to make sure that you have a comprehensive estate plan in place. It is also important to make sure that your estate plan is up to date at all times. Failure to make necessary changes to an existing estate plan can leave your loved ones—and the courts—unsure of what your true wishes may be in the event of your death or incapacitation. Similarly, if you do not have a legally enforceable estate plan in place at all times, you will leave your children vulnerable to the processes imposed by the state in such situations.

You need to make sure that your wishes are articulated in ways best described as “crystal clear” and to make sure that your estate planning documentation reflects shifts in these wishes or circumstances as time ticks by. The experienced Memphis, TN estate planning lawyer team at Patterson Bray PLLC can help you to achieve and maintain these critical objectives.

Estate Planning Lawyer – Memphis, TN

Not so long ago, most individuals drafted simple wills and then moved on without thinking much about their estate plan ever again. Nowadays, estate plans aren’t really complete without a will and/or trust dealing with a person’s assets, an advance healthcare directive, power of attorney designations, digital estate planning preparations, and (if applicable) guardianship designations for minor or otherwise dependent children. This is the minimum number of tools that tends to “make up” a comprehensive estate plan. If you’re missing any of these resources, your estate plan likely isn’t complete.

Estate Planning Considerations for Parents of Minor or Otherwise Dependent Children

If you become incapacitated or pass away without an estate plan in place, your assets will be distributed and the guardianship of your children will be determined by law, not by you. This is an outcome that must be avoided. If you are reading these words, you are proactive and savvy enough to understand that you need an updated estate plan in place to protect your kids. Don’t wait to act on this understanding. None of us knows how much time we will have before our estate plans become our legacy.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you either have not yet constructed a legally enforceable estate plan or have not made significant updates to your existing plan since your needs, priorities, preferences, and/or circumstances have changed, it is time to get in touch with the experienced Tennessee legal team at Patterson Bray PLLC. Our dedicated and reputable staff have extensive experience assisting parents with constructing estate plans that meet their needs. Few people enjoy thinking about a time during which they will no longer be in a position to provide for their families. However, thinking about this inevitability is critical to ensuring that your children are properly taken care of after you’re gone. Please connect with our firm today to either begin or continue the process of taking these necessary legal steps forward. We look forward to speaking with you.