Insurance Claims After An Accident

When your Memphis personal injury lawyer files a claim on your behalf with an insurance company, there are several different types of damages that he or she may pursue. Compensation for medical expenses may be awarded, as well as lost wages from being unable to work. Pain and suffering, emotional anguish, and other losses you have suffered might also be included in an injury claim.

The claim your attorney files will likely be either a first-party claim or a third-party claim. A first-party claim is one where you file a claim for your injuries with your own insurance company. This may happen if the accident was your own fault, or if you live in a “no fault” states. In these states, you file a claim with your own insurer regardless of who caused the accident. Other reasons why you might file a first-party claim for your injury would be if you were injured in a hit and run accident, if the other driver was underinsured, or if the other driver had no auto insurance. A personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN has to offer may help you navigate these complex situations.

A third-party claim is when you file a claim with another party’s insurance company. If a car accident was the other driver’s fault, your attorney may file the claim with that driver’s insurance company. If you were a passenger in someone’s vehicle and they crashed, the claim would be filed against the driver’s insurance company.

A third-party claim would also be filed if you were injured in a premises liability accident, such as in a shopping mall or business.

What an Injury Attorney May Do

Whether you are injured in a car crash, shopping mall, or someone’s home, a claim should be reported to the insurance company within a day or two after the accident. Once a claim is opened, the insurance company will begin an investigation of the accident to determine if your claim is valid.

The insurance company will make their determination, and if they find that their client was at fault, they will likely offer a settlement. In many situations, the settlement the company offers is less than what the victim deserves, or the insurance company drags out the claim in an attempt to discourage the victim.

Another result may be that they will deny the claim completely. This is why it is imperative to have a seasoned personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN residents depend on advocating for you.

Let a Personal Injury Lawyer in Memphis, TN Fight for You

If you have been injured in an accident, you do not have to go through the insurance process alone. Contact a personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN families trust from Patterson Bray at 901.372.5003 to find out how we may be able to help.

A personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN can provide likely knows how complicated insurance policies can be. This is especially true for vehicle-related accidents. When you are injured in a car accident caused by another party’s negligence or recklessness, you’ll likely file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company or, in some situations, with your own insurer. Tips on Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit.

At Patterson Bray, we have been helping victims obtain the financial compensation they deserve for their injuries for many years. If you have been injured in an accident, consider contacting a personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN from our legal team to find out if you’re entitled to damages.

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