Multicar Accident Lawyer Memphis, TN Multicar Accident Lawyer Memphis, TN

A multicar accident lawyer Memphis, TN families trust from Patterson Bray knows that most traffic accidents involve only two vehicles. However, accidents in which three or more cars were hit is categorized as a multicar accident. Should victims decide to pursue compensation, they may be able to resolve high payouts for their medical bills, property damage, and more. Because of the nature of these collisions, they fall under both commercial policies and personal injury. These accidents are complex, and are often the result of many influencing factors.

The best way to protect your best interests is by speaking with a lawyer that is knowledgeable in multicar accidents specifically. So if you were part of a three car accident, or a big pile-up on the highway, you will need to know more information about how to receive full compensation for your damages and losses. Don’t hesitate to call Patterson Bray now for immediate help. 

Common Reasons for Multicar Accidents

We probably don’t have to tell you this, but as humans, we make mistakes. If you suspect that you are partially at-fault for the multicar accident, you may still be entitled to some kind of compensation. Furthermore, you may not be aware of all the contributing factors of the accident, and another driver may have played a stronger part in the crash unfolding. As your multicar Accident Lawyer Memphis, TN victims trust can explain, here are some of the most common reasons why multicar accidents occur:

Speeding: the driver was going faster than the posted speed limits

Weather: snow, rain, ice, fog, wet and slippery roads

Drunk driving: one or more drivers were under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol at the time

Fatigue: being too tired to operate the vehicle in a safe manner

Distracted: the driver was not paying attention to the road due to a cell phone, eating, daydreaming, adjusting the car radio, talking to passengers, etc.

Emotional driving: driving while under emotional distress

The Deadly Risk of Multicar Crashes

Those who are involved in a serious multicar crashes, especially at high speeds, are at-risk for sustaining injuries that they cannot recover from. Devastatingly, many people may lose their life because of these accidents, and surviving family members may be eligible to pursue a lawsuit on behalf of their fallen loved one. In multi-vehicle collisions, many cars may hit one driver from varying directions. If the driver survives, they may have thousands and thousands of dollars in medical bills to pay due to hospitalization, emergency care, surgery, treatment, and more. Our team can fight for the right of victims to pursue fair monetary retribution for going through a crash that may not have been their fault to begin with. 

If you want to know more about how a Tennessee multicar accident lawyer in Memphis from Patterson Bray can help you or your loved one, call now.

How Long Does a Multicar Accident Injury Settlement Take?

If you’ve been in an accident, you’re probably wondering how long it will take to get the money from a settlement to cover the cost of getting your life back together. Every case is different and while some cases settle quickly, others can become drawn-out negotiations that mean you won’t see any compensation for some time. Keep reading below to find what could be slowing you down from getting the money you deserve.

You Are at Fault

If you’re at fault for an accident, chances are you won’t be able to seek a claim against any other driver involved. The good news is that you can make a claim against your own insurance company if you have personal injury protection included in your policy. While this sounds like the quickest way to get money to cover hospital bills and repair costs, the insurance adjuster investigating your case is not working for you. They’re working for the insurance company. If you have little to no experience negotiating with insurance adjusters, you may not get the full amount you’re owed. Hiring an attorney to guide you and mediate negotiations will help you receive all of the benefits you’re due.

Can’t Determine Fault

In some cases, it’s difficult to determine who is at fault and all drivers involved may have different perspectives of how the accident happened. In these cases, it would be in the best interest of an insurance company not to settle as a solid case in front of a judge could mean their client walks away and they aren’t liable to pay a settlement. When a settlement claim becomes a lawsuit, both sides will call on expert witnesses and key evidence to prove that their client is innocent. Unfortunately, seeking legal action not only extends the timeline of getting a payment, but the jury may also determine that you are the driver at fault.

Severity of Injuries

The more complicated the damages to your person and property, the less likely it will be for any insurance company to settle quickly. Damage to expensive cars is less likely to result in quick settlements. Life-changing injuries like paralysis or brain damage, the medical costs and emotional damages are astronomical and life-long. The other driver’s insurance company may even stall negotiations to minimize how much they pay. Filing a lawsuit may be the best option to recover damages quickly.

Every case is different and delays in settlements can crop up for several reasons. A multicar accident lawyer can help you seek a quick settlement if you’ve been involved in a car accident. Call one today to find out how they can speed up the process so you can recover in peace.