Probate Lawyer Memphis TN

At Patterson Bray, a probate lawyer Memphis TN trusts, it is our primary concern to ensure our clients get exactly what is rightfully owed. When clients choose to work with us, they receive individualized attention and legal representation in the areas of probate, estate litigation, estate planning, mediation, and more. If you would like to know more about how a Memphis probate lawyer may help you, call us now.

Who We Represent

The lawyers at Patterson Bray may represent executors, partnerships, individuals, administrators, beneficiaries, and other entities in dealing with probate proceedings, taxes, will contests, petitions for partitions of property, and more. As a probate lawyer Memphis TN respects, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver quality legal services and creative, progressive tactics for solving problems. We value your time, your money, and your situation — which is why we aim to provide each client with pragmatic legal advice.

Our Mission

As a probate lawyer Memphis TN residents rely on, it is our mission to:

  • Work laterally with clients
  • Communicate frequently
  • Operate at all times with transparent, unwavering ethical standards
  • Ensure clients’ needs are being met with the utmost respect

If you are ready to have a probate lawyer in Memphis TN handle the process of probate court for you, call Patterson Bray now.

Benefits of a Probate Lawyer

Probate lawyers, also called estate lawyers, are responsible for helping a representative of an estate go through the probate process. Each step, and the process as a whole, will be dependent upon local and state laws of where the deceased resided. After the documentation has been accumulated and reviewed, a probate lawyer Memphis TN depends on may create a strategy that assists in:

  • The distribution of all assets
  • The resolution of unpaid debts or taxes
  • Overseeing the funeral costs
  • Locating beneficiaries or next of kin
  • Distribution of any retirement benefits
  • Contesting any disputes
  • Providing legal counsel in other areas of the law (i.e. personal injury/wrongful death)

Going Through the Process of Probate Court

After a person’s death, beneficiaries of an estate might have to go through probate court — a complex, time consuming process. This will be dependent upon the assets, the value of the trust, and the state laws. In any case, it is a wise choice to get advice from a probate lawyer Memphis TN families count on. In doing so, you can get peace of mind in knowing your interests are being protected. Some tasks that a probate lawyer might handle include:

  • Proving the will or trust is valid
  • Appointing a person to be in charge of the finances
  • Resolving disputes
  • + More

Are You Having Probate Issues? If So, It’s Time to Seek the Services of Patterson Bray

Patterson Bray is the kind of law firm you can depend on for immediate legal counsel. We value each of our clients and we’re proud to provide legal counsel to residents in Tennessee. If you would like to talk to a probate lawyer Memphis TN offers, call Patterson Bray at 901.372.5003.