Scooter Accident Lawyer Memphis

Scooter Accident Lawyer Memphis

If you were recently in a scooter accident, you need the help of a scooter accident lawyer in Memphis from Patterson Bray. After suffering an injury at the hands of someone else, what kind of damages can you ask for in the lawsuit? Most plaintiffs pose this question before filing a lawsuit to their Memphis personal injury lawyer. Most want to know if it is worth their time at all to pursue it. In some cases, someone may just want justice. Perhaps they care little about the amount of damages that they receive. They simply want the other person to face consequences for his or her actions. This is especially true when someone’s actions harm multiple people. In other instances, you may need the money for the damages that you suffered. Here is what you need to know about damages and scooter accidents.

Recovery Costs

After an injury, a scooter accident lawyer in Memphis, TN knows that most people wonder how they are going to pay the doctor bills and medical costs associated with the injury. The costs that you sustain due to an injury include the following:

  • Medical treatment expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Mental healthcare expenses

These recovery costs are quantifiable. While you may be able to sue for punitive damages, the most important damages are your compensatory damages.

Pain and Suffering Costs

If you know anything about personal injury law, then you probably know about pain and suffering. Many people aren’t sure what it covers, however. These damages cover emotional distress, loss of enjoyment and anything else that impacts your day to day life. Generally, these costs are not quantifiable. It is up to you and your Memphis scooter accident lawyer to decide what is best when it comes to pain and suffering. You may use a formula to calculate the amount of pain and suffering you deserve. Many do this by using a multiplier.

Other Costs

A scooter accident lawyer Memphis, Tennessee recommends knows there are other costs usually associated with accidents and personal injury. For instance, if you lost clothing or personal belongings in an accident, you may be able to ask for them. In addition, if you need help with any services around the house after your accident, you may be able to include those in your lawsuit also. This is true if there were activities you could have done if you hadn’t been injured.

If you were hurt in a scooter accident, then odds are you have a personal injury claim. This is especially true if you suffered a significant injury. The best way to know whether your case is worth it and what types of damages you can ask for is to consult with a Memphis scooter accident lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer will be able to help you navigate the personal injury filing process. Contact a scooter accident lawyer Memphis residents trust from Patterson Bray.