What Are Common Roadway Hazards? 

With so many fatalities each year, it is easy to see that roadway hazards can be the main cause. Not everything is caused by other people but there are some hazards that are. Below are the most common hazards people can face while in a vehicle. 

Bad Traffic 

No matter where you are in the state there is going to be traffic. When traffic biomes bumper-to-bumper during commutes it can lead to drivers only paying some attention to the road while taking advantage of the slow speeds to check their phones. Because of this, there is a good opportunity for a collision to happen. Typically this ends in a rear-end accident which then can turn into a pileup if other drivers aren’t paying attention. 

Reckless Drivers 

Sadly, other drivers are common roadway hazards. This happens when a driver isn’t watching the road, obeying traffic rules, or even following the speed limit. A reckless driver is also someone that could be speeding, driving under the influence, driving the wrong way, or simply running a red light. These collisions can be hard to avoid as you can’t predict other drivers. 

Wet or Oily Roads 

Things like rainwater, ice, sleepy, snow, oil, and grease can present a risk to a vehicle as it means the vehicle can start to slide. The most dangerous time to be on a road is the first few minutes of a storm, as the rain can mix with the motor oil on the road and make things even slicker. Hydroplaning is a risk during any time the roads are slick and it doubles when there is reckless driving happening. To prevent it the easiest thing to do is drive slowly and gently apply breaks rather than hitting them. 

Potholes or Cracks 

It is likely you’ve come across a pothole on your travels. Striking a bad pothole could easily burst a tire, causing a rollover or another car accident. Just like uneven shoulders can pull at the tires of a vehicle and force it off the road. It is the city’s duty to make sure that the roads are maintained as it prevents major potholes or cracks from forming and causing accidents to happen. 

No matter what is on the road, a roadway hazard can have consequences. That is why if you or a loved one have been injured while on the road you should talk to Memphis car accident lawyer to see what they can do for you. Call Patterson Bray today to learn more.

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