Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury Lawyer

While recovering from your injuries, have you considered filing a claim against the liable insurer? Do you plan on reaching out to an attorney? Too many people mistakenly think that a personal injury claim is easy and can be handled without the additional expense of an attorney, but that is not exactly accurate. Lawyers help ensure that you get a fair judgment or settlement. However, there are several other reasons to hire a lawyer.

  1. No Money UpFront

Most personal injury lawyers work on contingency, which means that you do not pay them anything upfront. A contingency agreement also means that the only way you have to pay for attorney fees is if you win your claim. Unfortunately, while the payment arrangement is lovely, keep in mind that attorney fees range from 30 to 40%, depending on the difficulty of the claim.

  1. Protection Against Unfair Allegations

There is a fairly standard rule when it comes to lawsuits: say nothing. Insurance companies will send adjusters to your home, and sometimes your hospital room to talk to you about your claim. Most of these representatives will seem friendly-enough, but they will most likely ask to record your conversation. Insurance agents do not care about your injuries or recovery. They are only out to protect the interests of their employer. Hiring an attorney can protect you from these shady meetings because you can just explain that the representative can talk to your attorney. Your lawyer knows how to phrase answers to protect your interests and claim.

  1. Help Finding and Getting Treatment

Your attorney is more than a legal professional; they are your advocate. Sometimes it is difficult to find or afford the treatments necessary for your recovery. Most personal injury attorneys have relationships with hospitals and medical professionals, allowing them to negotiate on your behalf. Also, if you are struggling financially, your attorney can make arrangements for recovery expenses to come out of your settlement.

  1. Greater Odds

If your objective is to receive the most money possible through your claim, then hiring an attorney is the only way to go. A lawyer dramatically increases your odds of a successful filing. Also, an attorney will more than likely be able to reach a settlement agreement, avoiding the lengthy and costly court process.

While you may be tempted to file your personal injury claim without legal representation, consider the benefits and advantages of hiring a professional. To find out how to pursue your injury case, consult with a personal injury lawyer, as soon as possible.

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